Soundwave Biennial

Soundwave Biennial is the largest multidisciplinary sound art festival in the Bay Area exploring powerful ideas through innovative art and music experiences. Alan conceived of Soundwave in 2002 and directed six two-year seasons that featured over 300 artists and produced over 150 art commissions and premieres happening in San Francisco’s unique and unexpected environments,

including on moving buses and boats, inside historic WWII bunkers, churches and zen centers, leading museums and galleries, on city streets, parks and plazas and an Illuminated Forest, an artist-imaged environment reactive to human presence exhibited at The Lab gallery. Soundwave’s themes explored Free Sound in season 1 (2003-2004), Surround Sound in season 2 (2005-2006), Movement in Season 3 (2007-2008), the Environment in season 4 (2009-2010), the Humanities in season 5 (2011-2012) and Water in season 6 (2013-2014). Soundwave is produced by MEDIATE Art Group, the non-profit Alan founded in 1998.